Tarik Saadallah

Managing Director

Tarik is a senior partner at Avolta, specialising in consumer tech, travel and circular economy. He first discovered his passion for tech and venture within the world of corporate finance during his studies at EDHEC Business School. He went on to build an extensive career in fundraising and M&A advisory, including stints at Clipperton, Alven, Bryan and Garnier & Co. After meeting the founding partners at Avolta, he discovered a kindred spirit. A company that takes ownership of their clients’ issues to wholeheartedly defend their interests with rigour and determination.

Tarik is deeply motivated by the emotional dimension of investment banking — aware that he intervenes at decisive moments in clients’ personal and professional lives. He embraces the challenges of his work and describes his indispensable professional qualities as: analytical, resilient, creative, zen, combative, rigorous, empathetic and loyal. It is this combination of traits that drives Tarik to deliver the best outcomes for Avolta clients time and time again.